Charlaine Harris – A Bone To Pick

A Bone To Pick is the second story in Charlaine Harris’ Aurora Teagarden series.

The release date of this novel was November 1, 1992.

A Bone To Pick book description

After attending three weddings in less than a year, including her ex-boyfriend’s, Aurora Teagarden feels stuck in a rut.

Then Jane Engle, an elderly member of the recently disbanded Real Murders club, dies and unexpectedly leaves her house and considerable estate to Roe But Roe soon realizes that her inheritance includes a tangled mystery in need of unravelling.

Her new home comes with a surprise: a human skull concealed inside a window seat. Was Jane a killer? Hoping to put her fears to rest, Roe hides the skull and secretly begins investigating the most likely suspects, her new neighbors.

Sleuthing is easier said than done while dodging questions from both her new love interest and her discerning police detective ex. But there’s an unsolved murder, and Roe’s determined to identify both the victim and the murderer before it happens again.

Charlaine Harris A Bone To Pick

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