Charlaine Harris – Grave Sight Graphic Novel Part 2

Due to the popularity of Grave Sight – the first book in the Harper Connelly series – Charlaine Harris re-released it as a graphic novel.

This second part of the story was released on November 29, 2011 and was co-written by William Harms and illustrated by Denis Modri.

Grave Sight Graphic Novel Part 2 book description

Harper Connelly finds dead people for a living, and helps friends and family gain closure by letting them finally put their loved ones to rest.

Harper and her step-brother, Tolliver Lang, have just completed a job in Sarne, Arkansas, but that doesn”t mean their work is done.

More people are turning up dead, and Harper might just be falling for the town”s deputy, a handsome, rugged man whose wife died under mysterious circumstances…

Grave Sight Part 2 features 44-pages of story and art, with the balance consisting of bonus and behind-the-scenes material.

Charlaine Harris Grave Sight Graphic Novel Part 2

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