Charlaine Harris – Grave Sight Graphic Novel Part 3

Due to the popularity of Grave Sight, the first of the Harper Connelly stories by Charlaine Harris, a graphic novel version was released.

This third part of the story was co-authored by William Harms and illustrated by Denis Modri.

The release date of this book was April 3, 2012.

Grave Sight Graphic Novel Part 3 book description

Harper Connelly finds dead people for a living, but not everyone appreciates her special gift.

In the stunning conclusion to this three-part series, Harper’s step-brother, Tolliver Lang, finds himself in trouble with the law while Harper struggles to clear his name.

And then there”s the matter of a mysterious killer who seems to follow in Harper”s wake. Will Harper and Tolliver get out of Sarne, Arkansas in one piece, or will they be the killer”s next victims?

Grave Sight Part 3 features 44-pages of story and art, with the balance consisting of bonus and behind-the-scenes material, as well as an extended interview with Charlaine.

Charlaine Harris Grave Sight Graphic Novel Part 3

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