Charlaine Harris – Shakespeare’s Champion

Shakespeare’s Champion by Charlaine Harris is the second story in the Lily Bard series.

This novel was released on December 31, 1997.

Shakespeare’s Champion book description

Shakespeare, Arkansas, is a small Southern town with plenty of secrets and Lily Bard, fresh from her acclaimed debut in Shakespeare’s Landlord, is just one more of its residents–albeit one harboring a few secrets of her own–with a desire to live quietly.

Lily keeps to herself, between her job as a cleaning woman for several townspeople and her visits to the gym, where she’s a devotee of karate and bodybuilding. These two pursuits seem a bit odd for the petite Southern woman, but as work and play, they keep her focused and balanced.

When a fellow gym member is found dead after a workout with a barbell across his throat, Lily wants to believe it’s an accident. But looking at the incident against the background of other recent events in Shakespeare, including a few incidents that appear to be racially motivated, she’s afraid it could be a part of something much, much bigger–and more sinister.

Charlaine Harris Shakespeare's Champion

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