Charlaine Harris – Three Bedrooms, One Corpse

Charlaine Harris – Three Bedrooms, One Corpse is the third book in the bestselling novelist’s Aurora Teagarden series.

The date of publication of this novel was March 23, 1994.

Three Bedrooms, One Corpse book description

Aurora Teagarden – Roe to her friends – has always worked for a living, until an unexpected legacy gave her enough money that she could quit her job as a librarian.

Now, with time on her hands, she decides to try selling real estate – after all, her mother is Lawrenceton’s premiere real estate agent, and she’s happy to give Roe a head-start in her new career.

But at her first house showing, Roe discovers a body – a rival estate broker – and to make matters worse, one of her mother’s colleagues is looking decidedly guilty.

When a second body is found, in another house for sale, it becomes obvious that the killer who’s at large in Lawrenceton knows a great deal about real estate – and maybe a little too much about Roe.

She is going to have to find out who is responsible, before she herself becomes the next bedroom corpse.

Charlaine Harris Three Bedrooms, One Corpse

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